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We all want to make our homes feel special and unique to us, and a great way of doing this is with artwork and how we dress our walls.

It used to be that we either had to buy expensive art in order to get more unique pieces from a specific artist, or posters and framed art that could be seen in lots of peoples homes and didn’t feel as exclusive as we would like, (remember Athena from the 90’s) and think Next, Ikea, John Lewis, Dunhelm.

Now however, with amazing platforms such as instagram we are exposed to so many artists who

are choosing to turn their original artwork into prints which are affordable and more importantly

not mainstream. More and more artist are getting exposure, whilst still remaining small

independent businesses.

How nice it is to be able to reference the artist who actually drew or produced your art work? You actually know their background, style and inspiration, all within a price bracket that allows you to purchase multiple prints and frame them in a style that suits your decor.

At 2 Magpies we are always on the lookout for new artists to represent in the shop. As an

independent shop we want you to be able to find prints that are quirky, affordable and exclusive.

It is also really great the think about how you frame your art, and display it. Don’t be afraid to buy

a white frame and spray it hot pink, or Navy blue for example. Think about mounts; an oversized

mount with a small A4 print can look amazing and give a totally different feel.

You can design for a gallery wall, contrasting prints with Mirrors and other wall hangings such as gold beetles, stags heads and maybe a mini shelf.

If you like uniform keep the frames and accessories the same tones, e.g., Bronze, golds and woods. Alternatively, if you want more of a

colour statement choose coloured frames, even clashing.

Think hot pink and reds, different blues and greens, or for a more classic look you could opt for silver, blacks, metals and even black monochrome prints.

If you can’t cope with the busy-ness of a gallery wall, I love prints in oversized frames. You could

select two or three prints from the Artist, or mix and match Artists, but get continuity from the size

of the frames. At the moment I am loving the simplicity of a couple of statement pieces, as apposed to a large collection. Whichever way you chose the opportunities are limitless!

A lot of people are scared about how to apply art to the walls and spend a long time over-thinking

it. Have faith in yourself. Recruit the help of a friend who is handy with a drill, or in the case of

small prints, a hammer and nails. Your eyes know what is comfortable, and you will be able to tell

if the spacing isn’t right. Hold up the prints and get an idea of where you want them to go, before

you commit.

The best thing about affordable unique art is that in a couple of years you can change and

update it or even rotate it without a huge cost. Keep the frames, change the mounts, spray the frames! Be brave and you’ll see this is a great affordable way to change a room, and do a bit of up cycling too.

Check out the Two Magpies Design Art Collection to find your next piece of artwork for your home!

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